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UK Brands
A branded medicine is one, which is marketed under its trademark or brand name rather than the chemical name. When a medicine is prescribed by brand name only the product from the original manufacturer of the brand can be dispensed.

Generic medicines
A generic medicine is a drug that is marketed under the chemical name of the principle active ingredient rather than under a brand name. Generic medicines can only be sold after any patent protection covering the original branded drug has expired. Generic medicines exist alongside the original branded drug and are often considerably cheaper.

Parallel imports
A Parallel Imported medicine is one sourced from continental European suppliers rather than UK suppliers. The products are then distributed in competition with the identical product supplied by the original manufacturer, offering cost savings to the retail pharmacies and the NHS.

We have a full range of dressings and bandages to help with all prescription requirements.

OTC medicines
OTC (over the counter) medicines cover two sectors. Certain OTC medicines can only be bought in registered pharmacies and has a symbol P to differentiate them from medicines which can be bought from pharmacies as well as other retailers . The latter are known as GSL (general sales list) medicines. The P medicines are obviously more powerful.

Medigen is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to supply goods to registered pharmacies and medical practitioners involved in the sale and dispensing of medicines.

Wholesale Dealer’s Licence No: WL/18522
Company registration number: 4085895
VAT number: 773 5556 96
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